IAMRADIOWORLD is an innovative live streaming radio service featuring Independent Artists and Musicians from around the globe. We are launching with over 18,000 artists and 84,000 songs from around the world in every genre imaginable! From honky-tonk country to spaghetti western…you’ll find it here!

Now, INSTANTLY, new artists can have their music be heard in over 50 countries and locations throughout the world. Artists can sell their songs and retain 85% of the purchase price from the IAMRADIOWORLD store.

IAMRADIOWORLD is also a free destination for listeners who enjoy experiencing and exploring new artists and music. Music is searchable by song title, artist, artist location or genre.The selection can be played immediately, followed by similar music of the same genre or, browse the top artists from your favorite genres.

Finally, “the listeners” and not some record company, determine who the best independent artists & musicians are by giving them a thumbs-up or thumbs downs (Likes).Each like moves that song up a notch resulting in more plays in that genre each day.

Listen for free from your computer, tablet, or most smart phones

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A robust Artist’s profile including bio, song lyrics, and more encourages communication and social interactivity…

The ubiquitous IAMRADIOWORLD will change the music industry! No longer will the BEST MUSIC not be heard! Instead, it will be shared and enjoyed by all worldwide.


The Best Music You’ve Never Heard..Yet